Sunday, October 26, 2014

Matrikas - A Perfect Companion For Your Pen :)

Books, Journals, Diaries - they would attract me even when I was a kid and my tiny hands were yet to learn the art of writing.

I have grown up in a home where Books, diaries, notebooks, pens are loved & are kept as treasure .
So growing up with all that around, I developed a deep love for them, I still remember how my tiny feet would try to climb so hard to get on my brother's writing desk where he would keep his writing treasure, - yup that's what he would call them - and I would look at them with fascination. I would touch them with as much care as I could and then wear my brother's specs and act the way he does when he sits there and just get lost in his own world.

In fact often I would dream to have a desk just like that someday, near the window with all those beautiful diaries, lots of books,mighty Ink pens, creative notebooks, cute little bottles of ink of different colors and a big Globe at the end of the table.

When my Brother was leaving for Delhi for his studies, he came to my room with chocolates and a gift. I was angry with him that he is leaving. I was in tears. He was the only friend I had, in front of whom I could and would tell even the craziest & weirdest things and he would not judge me. It was with him I would say anything that would come in my mind; or if I am angry on something or someone, it was him I would speak to.

My brother saw my tears and took me into his arms and gave me the big box which had a sweet pink bow on it, saying - I got something for you which will be there when you need me. For a minute I forgot to cry and opened the package with  excitement and was amazed to see what was inside. There was a bundle of very beautiful diaries in different colors and motifs, and together with that I got my first Parker Ink pen too.My brother saw that tiny twinkle in my eyes, and told me that you should always be careful while choosing your friend; a friend is your companion for life with whom you can share all your secrets, to whom you can tell all the crazy things which comes in your mind, to whom you can talk your heart out and know that no one else would get to know. And that is why I am giving you these- make them your friend.Read to explore , to be educated, and for knowledge, but write for your heart to be happy. And since that day Books, diary, notebooks and pens became my companion for life.

I always think long before I buy 1 because I believe that when you choose the right one, or choose according to your like, it helps you scribble your thoughts on it. You know at times when I am facing writer's block and not able to type even a single word on my computer, I get inspired and get ideas as soon as I start writing in my diary. Yup, thats the magic of them which nothing can beat, just like Kindle can not take the place of books in my life,no technology, apps can make me feel the way I feel when am writing in my diary or in a notebook and thus am always up for buying any notebook or diary which catches my fancy.

So when I got a big box of Joy from Team Matrikas before Diwali, I was on cloud nine because they contained which I consider the perfect gift for myself- Journals & Notebooks.

It was indeed a perfect gift to start my New Year & celebrate the festivals of Lights because being a writer, every word I write take away the darkness and spread light in my life.

The Box contained two notebooks and 2 journals and I instantly fell in love with them. I was mesmerized with the quality & creativity of the products.

The first product which both me and my mom opened in excitement was the TOSS & NRUT 6 Subject Notebook. The notebook has Snakes & Ladder printed on it and it instantly made us remember all the beautiful memories we had with that game, you know we even searched for the dice and played a game together on it remembering the Good old days, it instantly uplifted our mood.

The book is hardbound with extra white- awesome quality pages And also has a brief history written about Snakes & Ladder in the end.

The Second Notebook is from their Cube Works range and is highly creative & quirky with all those doodles on it. Plus the fact that it's in Pink makes me like it even more :) .

Now coming to the Journals - I was very happy to get the Mahatma Gandhi Journal - It's a hardbound journal with quality pages and the best thing about them is that it has a charkha on every left page & a wisdom quote by Mahatma Gandhi ji on the right page.

Writing in that journal will surely Give anyone peace of mind and reading those quotes while writing will not only inspire you but will also let you gain wisdom as each quote makes you understand life and helps you become a better person. And so I gifted it to my Mom who thinks it's the best Diwali Gift for her. A gift which brings the light of knowledge and peace.

The last but not the least is a journal from Cube Works which is designed in such a sophisticated way that it is perfect for your professional life.

What I liked About Matrikas Range-

. Its Quality - the paper used to make them are of highest quality which makes the writing experience a bliss.

. Creativity - I loved the designs and the ideas on which every Notebook & Journal is made. They are creative, stylish , quirky and even inspiring. They have something for everyone.

. Loved the fact that they are Hardbound - and here also its supreme quality gives some more brownie points.

. They have thought about all the tiny details while making them and I love the fact that each has a date index on their pages.

. The Personality Journal range from which I got the Mahatma Gandhi Journal  gets a thumbs up for the beautiful & wise quotations.

. Affordability - They are priced very genuinely and are pretty affordable.

What I Didn't Like or Hate about them-

. The fact that now I want one from each range, design & color. Guess they have become my new favorite and am going Gaga over them. But wait I guess this also comes in the Love/Like part.

So this means there is nothing I did not like about them.

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