Friday, January 20, 2017

Crazy Dairies -- My First Vodka Shot

The moment I start planning or having dreams about future, Life makes me witness things that makes it hard for me to breathe or fight but then I never learned to give up.

I may break for a while but I can never stop fighting, another side of me is that I love trying new things, I am always up to experiment and I never hide things about me.

Yes I prefer to be honest, This is my life and I do what I want to do. And I know at times I am crazy but then it's a side of me.

And am not going to pretend something am not. So it's up to you to judge me based on it, like me, love me or even hate me.

I don't care.

And thus from today I am starting another section- Crazy Diaries, where I will be sharing all the crazy things I did, will be doing or wish to do in life.

And I starting the series by posting my first Vodka shot experience.

Honestly it was yuck but then it was a bet and I had it, & the best part is that I won :D

And by posting it I have finally started my own Youtube channel , Though not a very well shot video but hope I will get better with time.

Looking forward to your support, Do hit the subscribe Button :)

Micro Tales - Love Stories

Creating a new section on blog for all the micro stories that comes in my mind.

I always wanted to write Micro tales on Blog as I do that all the time on twitter. So finally this section is up and I hope am going to be regular.

Would love to know your thoughts about this section and if you want to contribute, feel free to send me and will add them with your name ;)

Micro Tales on Love

Love took its last breathe that night as she wanted commitment while he was just looking for a one night stand.

Misunderstandings ruined them because both were trying to read between the lines.

She was trying to find her cure in him but he turned out to be a disease which killed her.

Her only fault that she got serious in a no strings attached relationship. #MyStory

Lovers by Night
Strangers by Day
While her life ended on a tragic note
He lived Happily Ever After.

She packed her bags & boarded the train. having no destination in mind. 
And leaving no trace behind.

With him life was a imprisonment till her last breathe, so she chose to fall from the tallest building, instead of Love & tasted freedom.
It was not betrayal which broke his heart.
As he always knew this would happen.
It was his guilt which killed him.
Guilt of not accepting the truth.
& falling for the lie.

It was a cold winter night.
But he still chose to drive.
To see her for the last time
To kiss her a goodbye.

He was a heart breaker
& she was heartbroken
Nobody understand
What brought them together
But they lived happily ever after.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Fault Is In Your Thinking

I stood there blank for a while.
I couldn't stop myself from shaking a bit.
I couldn't stop myself breaking a bit.

Was there a fault in my character.
Was it the way I speak without thinking.
Or the way I laugh loud fearless

Was it the way I dress?
Was it how I carry myself.
Or maybe it was because I don't follow the rules.

I kept thinking, I kept thinking............
There was a storm inside me that night,  
There was pain inside me that night.