Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Summer Traveler

Summer, Summer, Summer.....................

The time of the year I wait for like a lover wait for it's long lost love because Summer for me is Love. I know you must be wondering what's to love about the Sun burning the earth with it's harsh sun rays, making everyone sweat like a pig and turning even the most good looking faces into zombies!

But then hey it's also the summer of vacations, where you could sleep for extra hours, where learning doesn't meant school but streets.

The Summer full of memories and what not!

Bla, Bla Bla- You know I can talk about summer like Olaf  does in Frozen. I guess I become more of Olaf when the moment someone say Summer and this year the Olaf in me want to live summer being on the road.

Yup that's the plan- to travel as much and as far as possible and live summer on the streets, out in nature, into wild, with or without people where maybe I will find new stories or maybe create some myself.

And honestly my summer started on the right note and thus am hopeful that if the beginning has been so wonderful, imagine what the rest of the summer has stored for me.

And to make my travel stress free and comfortable I went shopping and that too in budget because you see a solo travel must save for her adventures.

But then I am happy that I went for budget shopping because I ended up buying some awesome stuff, which I just loved, Like I bought 2 tops from FBB in just 1000 INR.

Isn't that cool! and you guys going to see me wearing them very often in next two months :)

Loved this printed top, very comfortable and just perfect for summers

50 Shades of Grey in Fashion is worth having :) Yup Grey is that one color which never fails to make an impression and in a way we all have a thing for all things grey !

Tops- FBB - 499INR Each.

Denim- Madame & FBB


As she lay there, She saw Vultures flying over her.
& She laughed until her last breathe.

Because She was happy to have vultures around her,
To tear her apart when she is dead.

Instead of people she loved, who tore her apart while,
She was still Alive..............

Monday, March 20, 2017

Not A Candle When Am Dead.....

She Breathed Fire....
Burning Herself In Search of Light.
Living In Dark, She Kept Her Spirit Alive.
Where Her Wounds Got Deeper & Faith Fainted With Time.

Because She Kept Getting Criticized & Judged For Being Raped.
And One Day She Lost The Battle.

So She Drowned Herself & Ended The Fire,
Leaving A Note Behind.

You Burned Me Everyday When I was Alive,
Don't Burn Me With Your Candles.

.Because I Wanted Justice & Respect While I Was Alive
& Not A Candle When Am Dead